David, My David

David, My David is available online:

  • In paperback from Amazon.com: in English or in German

  • In PDF format from Google Play Books [English/German] or Google Books [English/German]

  • Because of the severe limitations in true, printing capabilities of all non-PDF eBook formats [specifically in online vendors’  technical shortsightedness of disallowing support for embedded fonts, and EPUB’s own, infantile specification-failure to enforce full text-formatting, consistent sizing and placement of graphics, and page-based layout capabilities—as well as Kindle’s 1980’s-based limitation to the Latin-1 character set], the book will be available at this time neither through iBooks or iTunes, nor in Kindle format.

    The lesson to be learned is NEVER to let programmers determine the artistic, human-interface capabilities of such protocols: refer all such to the greater literary- and life-experiences of Humanities majors! [This is rooted in the fact that computer “languages” [“comp-langs”] are never a proper substitute for real, human language, and schools should never have allowed this dangerous false-equivalence to arise in the first place.]


The paperback version is also available from your local bookseller, including your neighborhood Barnes & Noble.