David, My David

David, My David is available online:

  • In paperback from Amazon.com

  • In paperback from Barnes & Noble

  • From Amazon.com for Kindle [PDF format]

  • From Google Play Books or Google Books [PDF format]

  • Because of the severe limitations in true, printing capabilities of all non-PDF eBook formats [specifically in online vendors’  technical shortsightedness of disallowing support for embedded fonts, and EPUB’s own, infantile specification-failure to enforce full text-formatting and page-based layout capabilities], the book will be available at this time neither through iBooks or iTunes, nor in native-Kindle format.
    The lesson to be learned is NEVER to let programmers determine the artistic, human-interface capabilities of such protocols: refer all such to the greater literary- and life-experiences of Humanities majors! [This is rooted in the fact that computer “languages” [“comp-langs”] are never a proper substitute for real, human language, and schools should never have allowed this dangerous false-equivalence, in the first place.]


The paperback version is also available from your local bookseller, including your neighborhood Barnes & Noble, Borders and other, locally owned book vendors.