Because David, My David is a saga told by a musician, Music is central to, or envelopes much of what happens during the life of Eduard Gottfried Meyer.

To help readers who may not have gained access already to the noted music, the author has embedded QR codes within the text.

These, when scanned using the optical readers supplied with smart-phones will take the reader to webpages supplied within this site, on which appear further links to third-party music vendors.

Within those playlists, performances of classical works are suggested for their perceived excellence, whether in artistic expression, or technical facility in recording and presentation. Those modern, popular pieces suggested for the reader’s consideration are included because of their excellence in extending the ambience within a particular scene within the story, often inspired  from the meaning they have played in the life of the author.

Remember: Unless you, your friends or family make it yourselves, or a musician provides it to you gratis, there is no such thing as free music. Those who dedicate their lives and livelihoods to making music must have our support, or they will not be able to continue writing, performing, sharing.

It is imperative, therefore, that the readers use means, such as the links provided herein to music services or vendors, which will see to it that such remuneration take place.

At present, there are four third-party, optional music-sources given on the pages, the only exception being a singular, original work, and two works performed by the author, himself. As suitable additional sources are identified, they may be added, or playlists edited or extended.

These playlist-links are not a requirement of the text, but are presented solely as a convenience to our readers, for ease of access of those music-sources. You must secure your own membership to whichever one, or more—if any—you might chose to join.

Note that all these streaming services have settings that will allow the player to continue past the end of a playlist, to play items that the (usually completely useless) AI has chosen. Turn that setting OFF. Also, both Spotify and YouTube Music display those “suggestions” garishly at the bottom of the playlist display: ignore those, they are not part of the playlist, nor are they the author’s suggestions. (Neither Amazon Music nor Apple Music/iTunes displays these useless suggestions. Either of these is the author’s choice of player.)



There are two steps required for connection to the Spotify playlists, after acquiring your membership:

  1. Go to the author’s membership address: Ed Qualls
  2. “follow” him

At that point, you should be able to access the public playlists he has gathered within the playlist-folder DMD for your personal, private enjoyment.

(On smart-phones or tablets, and with the free membership, the app supports only randomized playing of tracks, so it is not useful for the associated playlists. On those devices, a premium membership is required for proper playback, as each offers superior audio quality.)

Amazon Music:     

Each link will take you to the playlist created on Amazon Music and accessible through the Amazon Music app (on smart-phones) or application (on pc's).

YouTube Music:

Simply log into your Google (or Gmail) account before trying to access a playlist.

A single link on each of the subsequent pages is provided, referencing the webpage within YouTube Music on which you will find that playlist. Download the desktop app for easier access.

Apple Music:

The links provided into Apple Music are those of the individual playlists, as generated from within Apple Music, itself. These playlists reside within the author’s account on iTunes/Apple Music.

All the links are “https” URL’s, which means they will have to be processed by a browser before you are referred over to Apple Music, or to the iTunes player.

Depending on the settings within your browser, and the operating environment from which you try to access the playlist, this may work or not. On Windows, it seems that Firefox may be the most dependable application for transferring your request on into iTunes for successful subsequent performance in the Apple Music desktop application.


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