Responses to and observations about David, My David that the author has received from readers, through personal correspondence or DM's.


“It’s been a week since I read Chapter 18, and I still can’t get the images out of my mind!”     —Rose Ketring, artist and author

“I never thought I’d read about a Christian who used the Mourner’s Kaddish as a shield against Nazi terror. This book celebrates my faith and people, and gives me hope that someday we all can conquer hatred.”     —Eric Bronfeld, grad student, NYC

“My mother had a heart attack and after she passed we found her copy of David in her stuff the nurses had kept near her bed for her. When I saw her notes and the star next to that quotation from the book of Job, I lost it. How many times have I felt the same way since she’s been gone? I love this book.”     —Celia Robertson, bus. exec, N. Georgia

“In places in the prose I thought I was reading poetry. With all the musical references, it was great to have all those playlists ready and available, like having a movie soundtrack for a book! Over the years I’ve lost musician friends and even some pupils from AIDS and this brought them back to mind. And yes, I cried. Lots. Then I read it again! Da capo!”     —Martha Wilson, music teacher (ret.)

“I’ve been an out, proud gay man since my early twenty’s. I never thought I could be prouder. But DMD proved me wrong. And I’m all the prouder for it.”     —Frank Maclean, Cali

“It’s got the sweeping epicness of Gone With The Wind, but with real, moral people you could actually meet on the street today, ones you’d run across the street to meet.”     —Terence Black, Bay Area

(about the German-language edition)

„Wir Deutsche lernen viel über die Übel der Hitlerzeit aber nie wird’s klar gemacht, wie man ein Leben führen kann, das alles so schreckliches meidet - man bringt kein Rollenbild von einem alltäglichen Deutschen uns jemals hervor, der so lebt. Aber jetzt, in David, mein David, tritt eine Figur heraus, ein Deutscher, der uns so ein volles und aktiv tugendhaftes Leben zeigt. Und dass das von einem Amerikaner in diesen Tagen geschaffen worden ist: unglaublich!“     —Franz Eckmeister, Hesse u.a.
We Germans learn a lot about the evils of the Hitler era, but it is never made clear how one can lead a life that avoids all such terrible things–no role model of an everyday German who lives like that is ever produced for us. But now, in David, my David, a character steps forward, a German who shows us such a full and actively virtuous life. And that this was created by an American in these days: unbelievable!”     —Franz Eckmeister, Hessian, amongst other things


David, My David has also earned the recognition of Chancellor Merkel, and the author has received the thanks of Dr Franziska Giffey, the German Cabinet minister responsible for that Government’s fight against right-wing extremism.