Episodes with the chapters of David, My David are often associated with musical selections.

For the ease and benefit of the Reader, the Author has collected third-party vendors of those selections, and herewith [subject to the music disclaimer] we make those selections available through links into those third-party collections.

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1 [none] 18 DMD-18 Das Kindlein, Siegfried’s Horn-Call
2 DMD-2a The Beginning – Lola, Pianola 19  DMD-19a It Flickers Out: Rette dich, Tristan!
  DMD-2b The Beginning – Brahms   DMD-19b It Flickers Out: Liebestod
  DMD-2c The Beginning – Berlin  20 [none]
 3 DMD-3 An Incomplete Concert 21 DMD-21 Playing for the Inmates
4 DMD-4 Edo’s Ear-tug Mozart 22 DMD-22a Escape – The Statue Dream
5 [none]   DMD-22b Escape – Homecoming
6 [none] 23 DMD-23 The Collapse
7 DMD-7a Barcelona – Cathedral 24 DMD-24 Invaders
  DMD-7b Barcelona – Edi Performs 25 DMD-25a Götterdämmerung
  DMD-7c Barcelona – Albert & Edi Perform   DMD-25b Brünnhilde’s Revenge
8 DMD-8 Return to Frankfurt 26 DMD-26a Frankfurt Wedding – Processional
9 DMD-9a1 Edi – Hoch’sche Audition, Part 1   DMD-26b Frankfurt Wedding – Finale
  DMD-9a2 Edi – Hoch’sche Audition, Part 2  DMD-26c Frankfurt Wedding – at the Paulskirche
  DMD-9b Violist Ensemble 27  DMD-27a Musician’s Life – Sweden
  DMD-9c The Trout   DMD-27b Musician’s Life – Brahms
10 DMD-10 Saving Hannah DMD-27c Musician’s Life –Schumann
11 DMD-11a Concert with Hindemith 28  DMD-28a1 A Texas Wedding – Processional
  DMD-11b Kristallnacht – Bleib’ bei uns   DMD-28a2 A Texas Wedding – Finale
  DMD-11c1 Flight to Switzerland – Ramsen   DMD-28b Enchanted Rock
  DMD-11c2 Flight to Switzerland – Zurich   DMD-28c Driving to Dallas
12  DMD-12a1 Thomas Audition – Bach DMD-28d Dallas – Dance
  DMD-12a2 Thomas Audition – Beethoven 29  DMD-29a From Beethoven to Boogie Wonderland
  DMD-12b1 Ulrike Audition – Bach   DMD-29b Onto the Stage – Clara Schumann
  DMD-12b2 Ulrike Audition – Brahms   DMD-29c1 Onto the Stage –Warm ups
  DMD-12c1 Ensemble Auditions – Ulrike   DMD-29c2 Onto the Stage – Robert Schumann
  DMD-12c2 Ensemble Auditions – Thomas   DMD-29c3 Onto the Stage –Choral Fantasy
  DMD-12d Edi’s Encores DMD-29c4 Onto the Stage – Encores
13 DMD-13a Between the Harpsichords 30  DMD-30a Schubert, Beethoven
  DMD-13b Edi’s Assertion DMD-30b Crystal Might
  DMD-13c1 First Concert, Part 1 31 DMD-31 Illness – Dance
  DMD-13c2 First Concert, Part 2 32  DMD-32a Death
  DMD-13d Thomas’s Reaction   DMD-32b1 Memorial – Hymns
  DMD-13e Widmung [Dedication] DMD-32b2 Memorial – Songs
14 DMD-14a Touring  33 
  DMD-14b Geli, Edi and Thomas    [34]  DMD-34 Epilogue
15 DMD-15 Harmony and Betrayal   DMD-Postlude 
16 [none]    
17 [none]